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1500W Fog Smoke Machine RGB LED Stage DJ Fogger Smoke Effect Multi Color Remote

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  • The DJ Fog Smoke Machine is a powerful new fogger with an outboard fog switch which is ideal for any "medium-duty" application.
  • Button-activated fog means you can control the amount of fog in your party room. Creates a safe, water-based fog. 1500w use the latest alnico pipe technique, heater not easy to jam. the fogger matches with remote controller. 9 LEDs light up during operation and you can choose color you like.
  • This portable fog-master is great for bands, DJs, clubs or anyone else who wants a reliable affordable fogger.1500W Party Fog Machine! Simple to use - just fill machine with fog fluid, plug in to wall outlet and wait for the Ready Light.
  • When the light is lit, push button for a burst of fog as needed. Creates a smoky atmosphere to enhance any light show. Fuel tank scale allows the fluid level to be seen clearly , while its water-based components won't leave any residue.
Voltage: AC110V 60Hz
Power: 1500W
Control: Remote Controller
Can't control by DMX Controller
Certification: CE Approved / UL Approved
Heat up time: 8 min
Output distance: 6m

Remote control distance: 30m
Output: 18000cu.ft/min
Tank Capacity: 2L
Product Size(approx): 42×26×14cm / 16.5"x10.2"x5.5"
N.W.(approx): 5.35Kg

Certainly! Here are three benefits of using a fog smoke machine:

  1. Atmosphere and Visual Effects: Fog smoke machines are widely used in various entertainment settings, such as theaters, concerts, parties, and haunted houses, to create captivating visual effects and enhance the overall atmosphere. The thick fog generated by the machine adds a sense of mystery, drama, or excitement to performances, creating a visually stunning environment. It can enhance lighting effects, laser shows, or stage productions by adding depth and dimension to the scene, creating an immersive experience for the audience.

  2. Special Effects and Photography: Fog smoke machines are commonly used in the film and photography industry to create special effects and add ambiance to scenes. The fog can help create a dreamy or ethereal atmosphere, simulate foggy weather conditions, or emphasize light beams and rays. It can add a sense of drama or suspense to a scene or help create a specific mood or tone. Fog smoke machines are also useful for product photography, creating a misty or smoky backdrop that adds interest and depth to the images.

  3. Safety and Security Applications: Fog smoke machines are also utilized for safety and security purposes. In certain settings, such as banks, retail stores, or warehouses, fog smoke machines can be activated as a security measure in the event of a break-in or intrusion. The dense fog produced by the machine reduces visibility, disorienting intruders and making it difficult for them to see or move around. This can buy valuable time for authorities to respond or for individuals to evacuate safely. Fog smoke machines act as a deterrent, preventing theft or vandalism by making it challenging for criminals to carry out their intentions.

Package Included:

1 X 1500W Fog Smoke Machine
1 X Wireless Remote Controller
1 X Power Cord
1 X English Manual