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3 Colors LED Photon Therapy Neck Massager Face Skin Lifting Wrinkle Removal

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Product Description:

Neck Anti Wrinkle Face Lift Beauty LED Photon Therapy Skin Care Tighten Massager


7000 times/minute, activate your skin tone, quickly activate cells, and increase the elasticity of the neck skin.

Face and neck are treated with blue light, green and red can help skin care products absorb skin, increase cell metabolism, accelerate blood circulation, restore skin firmness

Non-surgical neck protector after phototherapy, at different wavelengths, has a significant effect on improving fine lines, wrinkles, sagging, melanin and scars, as well as lifting neck and firming.

Beautiful appearance, such as dolphin tail, perfectly fits the neck and face lines. Also suitable for shoulders and other parts of the body.

USB cable charging, wireless operation, easy to carry.


Red light: can effectively penetrate the skin deep to the bottom of the skin, improve skin dullness and reduce wrinkles

Blue light: It can promote the synthesis of collagen, activate the skin, tighten the skin, shrink the pores, and significantly improve oily and sensitive skin

Green light: can improve the alternate function of cell oxygen utilization, promote circulation function, dredge lymph and drain swelling, and have the effect of calming skin


Main functions: Dilute neck lines, lift and firm, brighten skin

Material: ABS

Charging Voltage:5V 1A


Battery:3.7V 500mAh

Charging Time:2 Hours

Product Included:

1 * Neck Beauty Instrument

1 * Power Cord

1 * English Manual