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Car EVAP Smoke Machine Leak Detector Car All Pipe System Smoke Leakage Dual Mode

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Product Description:

Evaporative Emission Control system(EVAP) Detection Method:
The American cars produced after 1996 are equipped with EVAP service ports; The EVAP service ports are usually located in the engine compartment for most US cars but elsewhere for some special cars. Conventional EVAP detection method: Open the plastic cover of the EVAP service port, then remove the one-way valve clockwise with a valve wrench and install the EVAP service port adapter to import the smoke into the EVAP system for leak detection.

Judge On The Leak Status:
If the SDT-202 and SDT-206 models with pressure gauges are equipped, turn off smoke generator switch without opening the smoke outlet, then observe and confirm the pressure gauge reading to compare the pressure gauge reading in the detection process. If the pressure gauge reading continues to rise and maintain, it indicates that there is no leak point in the system. If the pressure gauge reading drops, it indicates that there is a leak point in the system. If the pressure gauge shows zero, it indicates the size of the leak point exceeds 0.3 mm


  • Main unit dimensions:275*150*150MM
  • Package weight:5.0KG
  • Package dimensions:300*235*320MM
  • Output pressure:12-18psi
  • Output flow:6L/min
  • Air pressure output: Built-in air pump
  • Power supply:DC12V Battery

Packing List:

1pc * AUTOOL SDT 206 Car Smoke Leak Detector Main Unit 
1pc * Hook (with hand-tighten nuts)
1sets * Rubber hose plug (with serial specification)
1pc * standard cone adapter
1pc * power cord clamp 
1pc * oil bottle(oil not included) 
1pc*EVAP special connector
1pc*smoke hose
1pc* Universal Airbag Adapter
1pc * User manual