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Micro Needle Fractional RF Microcrystal Face / Body Beauty Machine

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★It can deep clean, improve firmness, lighten spots and rejuvenate, non-invasively beautify the skin, and make the skin shiny and delicate

★Pluggable three-hole power interface, safe, sturdy, durable, copper metal contacts, longer life.

★Intelligent LCD touch screen, fast tactile response, simple operation and many scientific functions.

★Operating handle The arc-shaped handle conforms to the ergonomic design, making your operation more convenient.

★Travel-style packaging box Travel-style aviation trolley case, safe and easy to carry, durable and strong.

👄 Instrument principle and function

①Using 4 megabytes of concentrated radio frequency, the radio frequency energy output using insulating silica gel material can distribute the radio frequency energy on the silicon crystal, combined with the vanadium titanium hollow needleless water light, replenishing + skin tightening, and the radio frequency temperature can be operated from 40 ℃ to 65 ℃. Deeper injection, wider application area (eyes, face, body).

②RF hollow crystallites are completely insulated, cover the entire silicon crystal, and are combined with the hollow crystallites at the same time,

Sufficient nutrients are injected into the skin to heat the skin tissue more precisely, and promote the contraction of subcutaneous collagen.

③It is called radiofrequency thermocoagulation in medicine. The biggest feature is that the dermis is heated and the skin surface is kept at room temperature. It has two functions: one is that the dermis layer of the skin becomes thicker; wrinkles become shallow or disappear; the other is to reshape subcutaneous collagen Protein produces new collagen, and the skin becomes firmer after treatment.

Micropower combines needleless injection with radio frequency,

👄 There are three different handles for different parts such as eyes, face and body.

1. Moisturizing: It can effectively replenish the moisture needed by cheeks, lips, neck, chest, back and other parts.

2. Eliminate toxins: effectively fight against freckles, dark circles, acne, narrow pores, and improve skin inflammation.

3. Long-term whitening: stem cells, vitamin C can keep the skin white and supple for a long time

4. Lifting: Lift the sagging face and neck.

5. Firming: significantly improve eye wrinkles and lighten stretch marks


1. Skin allergies

2. Pregnancy and lactation

3. Patients with major diseases

4. Abscesses on the face

5. There are open wounds on the face

6. The face is full of fillers

👄 The package includes:

1X third-generation vanadium-titanium microcrystal water spectrometer