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7 Inch Car & Truck GPS Navigation System - USA Canada Mexico Maps

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Preinstalled with the detailed 2023 latest maps of North America with free lifetime updates, include USA Canada Mexico Maps.
Real Voice Navigation You do not have to stare at the screen all the time. 
Smart Route Settings: Fast Short Economical Easy. You always know your fastest route, Selection of road types :Unpaved Roads, Ferries, Toll Roads ,Charge Roads, Highways 
Conveniently search through Addresses, Places, on Maps or Postcode. 
Lane navigation, let you know which lane to go when encountering multi-lanes 
Custom quick search, it is easy to use. 

2D3D view map display: According to your favorite. 
Speedcam / landmarks / building / place markers likes gas station on the map 
By POI you can find Gas stations, restaurants, railway stations, airports & hotels around you. 
It supports multi media functions. You can enjoy the movie MP3 when you drive tired and want to have a rest. 
Maximum support 32GB SD card, expand the capacity of GPS to store MP3 and video. 
FM transmitter - Transfer the GPS sound to Car, not FM Radio.
GPS navigation system has a voice guidance system (multi-language version), comprehensive voice prompts and safe navigation direction guide, informs speed limit and estimated time of arrival, intelligent error correction. So that you can be more Reach your destination faster, safer and more accurately. The 7-inch high-resolution touch screen, with a resolution of 800 x 480, is clear and sensitive.

GPS satellite navigation system is equipped with high-performance CPU, uses 1200mah polymer battery, built-in 8GB ROM 256MB RAM, maximum support 32G extended memory, enough space for you to store maps and data. Equipped with car charger, USB cable (can be charged indoors), back bracket, suction cup mount, user manual (not including SD/TF card)

GPS (Global Positioning System) navigation systems offer several benefits for drivers and travelers. Here are three key benefits of using a GPS navigation system:

  1. Accurate and Reliable Navigation: GPS navigation systems provide accurate and reliable directions, helping users navigate unfamiliar routes and reach their destinations efficiently. GPS technology uses signals from satellites to determine the user's exact location and calculate the best route based on real-time traffic information. The navigation system displays turn-by-turn directions, including street names, upcoming turns, and distance to the destination. This helps drivers stay on track, make informed decisions, and avoid getting lost. With GPS navigation, you can confidently explore new areas, find alternate routes during traffic congestion, and arrive at your destination without unnecessary detours.

  2. Time and Fuel Efficiency: GPS navigation systems contribute to time and fuel efficiency by optimizing driving routes. The navigation system considers factors such as current traffic conditions, road closures, and speed limits to calculate the most efficient path to your destination. By avoiding traffic congestion or selecting shorter routes, GPS navigation systems can save you time on your journey. Additionally, by taking the most efficient route, you can reduce fuel consumption and save money on fuel expenses. GPS navigation systems also provide estimated arrival times, allowing you to plan your travel schedule more accurately.

  3. Safety and Driver Assistance: GPS navigation systems offer safety features and driver assistance functions to enhance the overall driving experience. Many navigation systems provide real-time alerts for upcoming traffic incidents, road hazards, or construction zones, helping drivers stay informed and make necessary adjustments to their routes. Some systems also offer voice-guided navigation, allowing drivers to keep their eyes on the road while receiving directions. Advanced GPS navigation systems may include additional safety features like lane departure warnings, speed limit alerts, or collision avoidance systems. These features contribute to safer driving practices and help prevent accidents on the road.

  4. Points of Interest and Local Information: GPS navigation systems often include a database of points of interest (POIs) such as restaurants, hotels, gas stations, landmarks, and other attractions. Users can search for nearby POIs or specific categories and easily navigate to their desired destinations. This feature is particularly useful when traveling to unfamiliar areas or when looking for specific services or amenities along the route. GPS navigation systems may also provide additional information about businesses, such as contact details, user reviews, or operating hours, helping users make informed decisions.

Package Included:

cigarette lighter cable 
USB cable 
suction cup bracket 
back clip