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4" Magic Plasma Ball Lightning Crystal Globe Touch Motion

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Product Description:

1. A perfect decoration for homes, parties, cafe, bars & restaurants etc.
2. Beautiful combination of Neon gases which help create Plasma and Neon have been brought together to form a visual feast.
3. Enjoy the amazement when the electricity follows your finger tips across the mini glass ball.
4. Small enough to not take up too much desktop space.
5. Big enough to amaze your co-workers with its awe inspiring light show.

4" --Plugged Power (With music)
Color: Black base and glass clear ball
Function of this crystal ball electrostatic induction plasma ball:
1. It can sterilize: anion can reduce static and decrease static pollution in the air. Except for lighting, it will produce lots of anion. Under the function of heat effect, it will diffuse in the air.
So this can sterilize and purify the room.
2. It can purify the air: this magic light can produce anion, which can clear the air and absorb the harmful gas, particle and dust.
When the anion combines with bacterium in the air, the construction of bacterium will be changed, and finally bacterium will be destroyed.
Anion can use negative charge and positive charge in the smoke and dust to make bacterium become inactive.
3. Electrostatic induction: product uses the principle of plasma discharge.
When you put your hand on the ball, the electron beam will appear where you touch.
Your hand seems like with magic. Electron beam will dance with your hand, it is full of vitality.
Package included:
1 x Plasma Ball
1 x Power Cable