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4TH Fibroblast Plasma Pen Needle Eyelid Lift Tightening Wrinkle

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Plasma lift pen is  similar to the working principle of CO2 laser cosmetic machine, it uses a new  generation of highly efficient power conversion material and chip control  technology, high-frequency plasma at low temperature of the discharge to spot  the pen nib contact with bad skin spots between the quasi contact state, but at  the moment a few millimeters to produce up to 2000 ℃ high  temperature plasma, using plasma body heat effect of carbonation bad spots on  the skin, make it disappear permanently.

German maglev dot mole  spot pen spray flame is completely different from ordinary flame, it's on the  carbide remove bad spots, microvascular rapid solidification can be made not  bleeding; Has strong sterilization effect, can clean stain bacteria never  relapse, but not damage the surrounding skin dermal tissue; Also make the skin  to produce oil film, forming carbon scabs automatically protect the wound from  infection, prompting wound healing fast, the day can be in contact with water  (do not use lotions and soaps and other chemicals), a week or so carbon scabs  fall off naturally, leaving no scars.

Eye lifting
Needle close the skin fire become smaller, point to point leave some space for heat dissipation. Needle do not have to touch skin. Could use for eyelid surgery, skin lifting and scars remove etc. . 
Spot removal
Skin hairdressing department: verruca vulgaris, senile warts, flat wart, contagious soft wart, verrucous nevus, and sebaceous nevus, granuloma, millet papules, eyelid xanthoma, leather fat, all kinds of pigmented nevus, corns and calluses, and go Freckles, etc. . 

Package Include:
  • 1 * Host
  • 1 * Power Cable
  • 1 * Large Needle Head
  • 3 * Small Needle Head
  • 1 * English Manual
  • 1 * Box