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Anti-aging Ultrasonic Facial Cleaner Skin Scrubber Rejuvenation beauty Machine

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Product Description:

Model: M420211-110v    420210-220v


Ultrasound scrubber is the most practical and successful beauty instrument. each person 

after treatment a long period of time, it can prove to be having significant effects on 

skin especially for facial treatment, the scrubber employs a variety of sound waves to 

produce vibrations with a variety of 28000 times per second.

It provides the abilities to penetrate skin and active pore underneath, moderate usage 

of ultrasound accompanies with suitable emulsion or gel can instantaneously eliminate 

pigmentation, wrinkle, acne dead skin and dirt, making the skin shining and elastic.


Remove the grease.

Acne nursing

Go the aging cutting

Smooth the wrinkle

Remove the melanin

Technical date:

Voltage: 110V/220V

Frequency of supersonic: 24Hz

Frequency modulation: 5Hz/50Hz

Out put of Supersonic Power: 50mW~1W

Power: 8W


Do not use on this areas:

Sensitive skin

Skin rash

Damaged, inflamed, or infected skin

Surgical scar less than 12 months old

Varicose veins

Close to or over eyes


Package Include:

1×Main machine

1×Scrub head

1×Power cord