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Astronomical Telescope Tube Refractor Monocular Eyepieces Tripod Spotting Scope

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Product Description:

This is a compact and versatile telescope with a distinct image quality and a high magnification power. It is suitable for astronomical observations and land use as a powerful shooting range, with 50mm optical glass objective and full multi-coating, so even in low lighting conditions also has a very clear image.
Suitable for children and teenagers.

Refraction / focal length: 360mm, optical aperture: 50mm
Can be set 60 times, 18 times, the mirror group plus 1.5x 90 times, 27 times.
Theoretical resolution: 2.000 arc seconds
In charge of color: silver
Size: 39.5x21.5x8.5cm (single package)
Model: F36050M
Active aperture: 50mm (2.4 ")
Focal length: 360mm.f / 7
Tilt mirror: 90 °
Tripod up to 35 cm
Standard 0.965 inch package includes:
Eyepiece: SR4mm, H20mm, 3x Barlow lens
The maximum magnification of the item: 90 times (lens focal length / eyepiece focal length * several baro times = maximum magnification)
Package included

1 X telescope tube
1 X diagonal mirror
1 X Finder
1 X H6mm eyepiece
1 X H20mm eyepiece
1 X Barlow lens
1 x Erecting eyepiece
1 x Aluminum alloy tripod