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Baby Heart Rate Monitor Home Pregnancy Display Fetal Sound Detector 3.0MHz

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High sensitivity probe, no radiation, low-ultrasound power, safety and with high accuracy.
*Large LED display, you can see the fetal heart rate, battery capacity, and volumes clearly.
*Equipped with volumes adjustable function, you can adjust the volumes easily according to your demands.
*Insert the 3.5mm 32 mono or dual channel headphone plug into the headphone jack of the device, you can use the headphone to listen to fetal heart sound, at the same time, the external speaker of the device will be closed, without any sound output.

*After hearing a recognizable, rhythmic fetal heart rate sound, keep the probe stationary for at least 5 seconds so that the device can measure and display the fetal heart rate correctly.
*Powered by two sections of AA battery, support continuous operation.(battery is not included)
*Note: The normal fetal heart rate range is 120-160bpm.100-120bpm and 160-180bpm are critical intervals, which should be paid attention to.

*Name: Fetus-voice Meter
*Material: ABS
*Color: white+Pink
*Battery: 2 * AA battery (not included)
*Earphone: 3.5mm 32 Mono -or dual-channel headphones
*Ultrasonic-operating frequency: 3.0MHz

*The deviation between the ultrasonic-working frequency and the nominal ultrasonic-working frequency: should not be more than ±15%
*Overall sensitivity: 290dB (At a distance of 200mm from the probe surface, the comprehensive sensitivity)
*Fetal heart rate measurement and display-range: should not be less than 65-210BPM
*The speed of sound: 1520- 1620m/s
*Acoustic impedance: 1.5- 1.7 x 106 Pa.s/m
*Acoustic attenuation : < 0.05dB/(cm.MHz)
*Working environment: Temperature: 5°C-40℃

*Relative humidity : 25-80% RH
*Atmospheric pressure: 70kPa-106kPa2
Storage and transportation:
*Temperature: 5℃-45℃
*Relative humidity: 9-85% R  / Atmospheric pressure: 50kPa-106kPa
*Viscosity: >15Pa.S / PH value: 5.5-8
*Service altitude <2000m

1*Fetal Heart Rate Monitor