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Commercial Doner Kebab Machine Gyro Grill 2 Burner BBQ Grill Electric and Gas

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Gas Spinning Shawarma Machine Propane Doner Kebab Machine Vertical Broiler with 2 Burner
With this  gas spinning Griller, you can make Chicken Shawarma, Turkey Shawarma, Beef Shawarma, Lamb Shawarma, Gyros, Doner Kabob and Tacos al Pastor. our doner kebab machine is made from high quality Stainless Steel w/ 2 burners. The Burners were engineered to sear the meat perfectly, crispy on the outside while keeping the meat juicy on the inside.

Model: BS-25A
Power: 2KW
Voltage: 220V
Color: Silver
Material: Stainless Steel
Heating Method: LPG
Fuel Type: Electric
Item Dimension: 11.6×10.4×18.9in/295×265×480mm
Package Weight: 57lb/26kg
1. All-round broiling: this gas spinning shawarma machine equipped with 360° infrared rotating barbecue, makes the baking of each piece of meat is even and tasty.
2. Mesh heating plate: our propane doner kebab machine makes the flame more uniform. The use of gas is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly than electric baking.
3. Independent control switch with our vertical broiler, it is Easy to operate, more scientific and safe.
4. Independent oil pan: Effectively prevents oil and water from splashing, making the barbecue environment clean and hygienic.
5. This kebab grill broiler is make with high-quality stainless steel cooling holes: Helps quickly heat up.
6. Distance adjustment lever: It can control the distance of the barbecue

1. Central rod that circle is electric and automatic.
2. Smooth Stainless Steel Construction. Various Sizes of Burners. Choose your Size
3. Complete with The Main Vertical Rotisserie Skewer & Thermocouple Gas Safety.
4. Four Burners Engineered to Provide a Crispy Outside.
5. Easy to Clean. Propane Gas.

Using a Doner Kebab Machine offers several benefits for restaurants and food establishments. Here are three key benefits of using a Doner Kebab Machine:

  1. Efficient and Consistent Cooking: A Doner Kebab Machine is specifically designed for cooking large quantities of kebab meat in a vertical rotating manner. The vertical rotation allows the meat to cook evenly on all sides, resulting in a consistent and delicious end product. The machine typically has adjustable heat controls and rotating speed settings, allowing you to customize the cooking process based on the desired level of doneness. This efficiency and consistency in cooking ensure that each kebab is cooked to perfection, with a juicy and flavorful texture.

  2. Space Optimization: Doner Kebab Machines are designed to make the most efficient use of space in a commercial kitchen or food establishment. The vertical design of the machine allows for a compact footprint, making it suitable for establishments with limited space. Additionally, many Doner Kebab Machines come with additional features like a built-in motorized spit or skewer system, which eliminates the need for separate equipment and reduces clutter in the kitchen. The space optimization provided by the machine allows for better organization, workflow, and utilization of kitchen space.

  3. Enhanced Flavor and Aesthetic Appeal: The vertical rotation of the kebab meat in a Doner Kebab Machine not only ensures even cooking but also enhances the flavor and presentation of the final product. The continuous rotation allows the meat to self-baste, retaining its moisture and natural juices, resulting in tender and flavorful kebabs. The machine's high heat and vertical cooking method also contribute to the formation of a crispy and caramelized exterior, adding depth of flavor to the kebab. Moreover, the visual spectacle of the rotating kebab meat attracts customers' attention and creates an enticing display, increasing the aesthetic appeal and attractiveness of the food.

Pay attention to whether the gas interface is connected
Turn off the gas after use to avoid gas leakage

Package include:
1 x Kebab Grill Machine