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ELEGOO Neptune 2S New Upgrade Version Large FDM 3D Printer Ultra-Quiet

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  • Multicolor Printing: Neptune 2S is newly designed with colorful printing function. You can purchase a rack to achieve it. Or pause and change the filament colors to achieve multicolored models.
  • Laser Engraving: Multifunctional ELEGOO Neptune 2S 3D printer has 3D printing function and laser engraving function, which can works on wood, paper and other materials. This new 2-in-1 FDM printer can achieve high-precision engraving to meet and release your various creative needs.
  • Intelligent Auxiliary Leveling: Neptune 2S 3D printer is newly designed with intelligent leveling tools, which can effectively solve the printing problem caused by uneven heating bed. It’s very convenient for 3D printer professional players, amateurs and beginners.

32-bit Silent Motherboard

Neptune 2S features self-developed 32-bit silent motherboard and TMC2208 stepper driver, which reduce the noise to below 50 db and bring you a comfortable environment.

Removable Magnetic Platform

Neptune 2S adopts removable magnetic sticker, which can be reused. It offers excellent adhesion and without the warping during printing. After cooling down, the model can be easily removed

1. 【Dual Gear Extruder】The double-gear metal extruder and the extruding spring elasticity adjustment mechanism reduce nozzle clogging and avoid the problem of tooth skipping of ordinary extruders. The output is more uniform, the printing is more stable, and the printing accuracy is higher.
2. 【Titanium alloy hose】Titanium alloy pipes improve heat dissipation and reduce the risk of plugging. The previous pipes were made of stainless steel 303. Now titanium alloy pipes are made of titanium alloy. Under the same test environment, the temperature of titanium alloy pipes is about 3 lower than that of stainless steel pipes. It means that the heat dissipation effect is better, and it is more difficult to plug. Titanium alloy pipes are much more expensive than stainless steel pipes.

3. 【PEI magnetic platform】The high-tech new material PEI magnetic platform has strong adhesion to the model and is not easy to warp edges. The bendable platform, easy to take the model without a blade, a better user experience. The platform has a longer service life.
4. 【V-wheel drive】The V wheel is made of imported POM material, which has the advantages of ultra-quiet, high precision and wear resistance. At the same time, the machine transmission mechanism is equipped with an eccentric isolation column, which can make up for the decrease in printing accuracy caused by the long-term printing and wear of the V-wheel.
5. 【Smart Control Fan】After the machine cools down after printing, all fans are turned off. Extend the life of the fan, solve the noise problem, and save power at the same time

Other Functions:

1. Oversized metal hand-tightened nut and mold spring are ergonomic, easy and convenient for leveling

2. 250W hot bed, which can be quickly heated to 100°C to meet the temperature requirements of different materials for the hot bed

3. Blue PTFE tube: more resistant to high temperature than white PTFE tube

4. Multi-language/Mute printing/Material break detection, material shortage alarm/Resume after power failure/Resume on break

5. Automatic leveling/Two-in-one-out two-color printing

Product Parameters

Product model: NEPTUNE 2S

Product name: FDM 3D printer

Rated power: 300W

Rated voltage: 115/230V 50/60Hz

Forming size: 220*220*250mm

Platform size: 235*235mm

Equipment dimensions: 430*426*460mm

Package dimensions: 560*380*210mm

Maximum nozzle temperature: 260℃

Maximum temperature of hot bed: 100℃

Net weight: 7.3kg

Gross weight: 8.8kg

Package Include:

1* NEPTUNE 2S 3D Printer