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Environmental EVAP Smoke Machine Car Vacuum Pipe Leak Detector Diagnostic Tool

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Product Description:

Romondes SM601 automotive smoke machine Introduction:
  • I’m Romondes SM601 automotive smoke machine, come with a hook allows you to hang me on your hood latch, conical adapter fits most intakes,
and the 8.2ft smoke hose can help reach and connect perfectly, won’t harm the EVAP system. More Details about me - My Voltage: DC 12V. MY Smoke output pressure:0.5PSI.
My Smoke output volume: <8LPM. My Smoke current: 5 AMP. Heating Material: Mineral Oil or Baby Oil (oil not included).
  • Powerful and Easy to Use】1: Mount the hook and the shop air adapter, plug the power and screw on the smoke hose to the unit.2: Fill (mineral Oil based)
smoke oil into the unit from refill port on the top. (Note: The oil level shall not exceed the level gauge) 3: Connect shop air supply and 12V vehicle power, introduce shop air to the unit,
then turn the Flow Dial anti-clockwise to open the air flow. 4: Switch on the power, after the unit start to output smoke, introduce smoke into the system.
  • 【Diagnose All Types of Leaks】As a professional smoke leak detector, I can help you to locate hard-to-find leaks in any sealed system, like EVAP system, crankcase system test,
intake/exhaust system test, sealing test, fuel tank system test, turbo test, EGR system test, vacuum leaks test, various pipe fittings test Throttle Shafts, EGR valves, Hoses,
Brake Booster, Door&Windows seals, Oil Leaks ... and more! And I Could be used on all cars, motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATV, light trucks, boats, etc.

Romondes SM601 Car Smoke Leak Detector is a universal and professional auto pipe leak detect tool, it will help you to locate hard-to-find leaks in any sealed system, such as Cooling System Test, Car Sealing Test, Throttle Shafs, Engine Block Test, Intake System Test, Exhaust Systems Test, Crankcase system test, Fuel Tank System Test, Turbo System Test, Various Pipe Fittings Test, etc.

  • Car Sealing Test: Poor airtightness of the car may lead to a lot of inconvenience like inability to keep warm dusty, not soundproof, and not waterproof ,etc.
  • Fuel Tank System Test: When there are gaps in the fuel tank and piping caused by improper installation or insufficient sealing of the fuel tank cap, it can cause leaks in the fuel tank system.
  • Exhaust System Test: Unpurified harmful gases to be discharged into the atmosphere or increase vehicle noise is the main disadvantage when leaks happened in the exhaust.
  • Intake System Test: Leakage in the air intake system will lead to insufficient intake of the car engine, which will result in scant engine power.
  • EVAP System Test: Leakage of the fuel evaporation system will cause fuel vapor to leak into the atmosphere, causing waste and pollution or unstable engine idling.
  • Crankcase System Test: Excessive pressure or corrosion of the crankcase is the main reason to damage the seal of the crankcase and cause oil leakage.
  • Turbo Test: The leakage of coolant would cause the engine to report high water temperature.
  • Various Pipe Fittings Test: Smoke testing of brake hoses, power steering hoses, cooling system hoses, air conditioning system hoses, turbocharger hoses, fuel hoses, intake and exhaust system hoses, etc.

Package Included:

  • 1*Main Unit
  • 1*Smoke Delivery Hose
  • 1*Power Cord
  • 1*Hook
  • 1*Intake Adapter
  • 1*Shop Air Trunk (USA)
  • 1*EVAP Service Port Adapter
  • 1*EVAP Removal Tool