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Heavy-Duty Rolling Snow Pusher with 8 in Wheels & Adjustable Handle

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Product Description:

Our snowplow can help you deal with snow accumulation easily. And there's no heavy works for us to do ­the snow pusher replaces all of the physically bending, lifting, turning and throwing motions with a single, simple forward pushing motion. Featuring with durable metal structure and excellent workmanship, it can plough snow quickly. Adjustable push rod allows you to push snow at different positions and angles. Soft pads on the handle will improve your shovel snow experience. Two large wheels help you control the push rod better and more steadily. High pit shovel can effectively remove a large amount of snow and is very suitable for cleaning lanes, roads or sidewalks.

1. Adjustable push rod will relieve your back pressure when clearing snow
2. Durable wheels ensure the stability of the snowplow on smooth ground
3. The plate at the bottom prevents it from scratching the ground
4. The shovels made of steel sheets is sturdy and durable
5. High capacity shovels help you dispose of a lot of snow at one time

1. Material: Iron   Pp Plastic Wear Strip   Rubber Solid Wheels
2. Color: Black Blade   Black Wheel   Silver Armrest   Silver Connector
3. Overall Size: Blade Length 74cm, Blade Width 47cm
4. Detail Size: Armrest Width 41.5cm (Sponge Pad Part), Armrest Length 141cm, Wheel To Blade Connecting Rod Length 51cm, Wheel Base 48.5cm, Wheel Diameter 20cm, Wheel Width 4cm
5. Accessories: With Screws; Nuts And Installation Tools
6. Weight: 28.66lbs / 13kg

A rolling snow pusher, also known as a snow plow or snow shovel with wheels, offers several benefits for snow removal. Here are three key benefits of using a rolling snow pusher:

  1. Ease of Use: The primary advantage of a rolling snow pusher is its ease of use. Unlike traditional snow shovels that require lifting and throwing snow, a rolling snow pusher is designed to minimize physical exertion. The wheels on the shovel's bottom reduce the amount of lifting and pushing required, as you can simply push the snow in front of you, utilizing the leverage of the wheels to move the snow more easily. This makes it less strenuous on your back, arms, and shoulders, reducing the risk of strain or injury. The ergonomic design and lightweight construction of rolling snow pushers further enhance user comfort and ease during snow removal tasks.

  2. Efficient Snow Removal: Rolling snow pushers are specifically designed to efficiently clear snow from driveways, sidewalks, and other flat surfaces. The large blade or scoop on the front of the shovel can effectively collect a significant amount of snow in each push. The rolling feature allows you to push the snow away in a smooth and controlled manner, covering a wider area with each pass compared to manual shoveling. The wheels help to provide stability and ease of movement, allowing you to clear snow quickly and with less effort. This increased efficiency can be particularly beneficial when dealing with heavy or wet snow, as the rolling motion helps to reduce the resistance and strain on your body.

  3. Reduced Impact on Surfaces: Another benefit of using a rolling snow pusher is its reduced impact on the underlying surfaces. Traditional shovels can sometimes scrape or damage surfaces like asphalt, concrete, or delicate landscaping features. The wheels on a rolling snow pusher help to elevate the blade slightly above the ground, preventing direct contact and minimizing potential damage. This is particularly useful when clearing snow from surfaces that require extra care, such as paver driveways, stone pathways, or wooden decks. The reduced impact on surfaces helps preserve their condition and aesthetics while effectively removing the snow.

Package Includes:
1 x Human-Powered Snow Plow