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IKT Bladeless Cooling Fan, 28in Evaporative Air Cooler, 3 Wind Speeds, 4 Modes

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Introducing the IKT Bladeless Cooling Fan: The perfect choice for families with children and pets. Here's why our portable evaporative cooling fan is a game-changer:
  • Bladeless Design: Unlike traditional household cooling fans with exposed blades, the IKT portable cooling fan uses evaporative technology. This eliminates the risk of accidents or injuries for curious children or pets who may come in contact with the fan.
  • Cooling Fan Mode: Experience powerful and energy-efficient cooling with our high-efficiency motor. The IKT remote floor fan provides three speeds, with a maximum wind speed of 26.2 feet/s and a medium speed of 19.7 feet/s. Compared to similar products, our fan delivers higher airflow. With a rated power of only 65w, it consumes significantly less energy than portable air conditioners (> 200w), helping you save on your energy bill.

  • Wide Range Coverage: The IKT air cooler features a ring-shaped swing mechanism that controls the wind direction. With four-directional swing, the fan covers a large area, circulating air closer to the natural wind. You can also customize the orientation by turning off the swing function.
  • Air Cooler Function: Our portable evaporative air cooler offers more flexibility than traditional air conditioners. By adding water and ice packs to the designated compartments and switching to cooling mode, the fan acts like an air conditioner, delivering cool air. This feature is particularly effective in dry areas and rooms with air conditioning. Say goodbye to the monotony of regular fans and air conditioners and try the IKT cooling fan.

  • Easy Operation: Setting up and using the IKT cooling fan is a breeze. Simply open the box, install the wheels, and turn on the machine to enjoy a fan with strong airflow. To activate the cooling mode, add water to the ice packs and freeze them in the fridge. Then, fill the water tank and experience refreshing cool air. No complicated procedures required. (The ice packs typically require about 4 hours to freeze, but you can expedite the process with an IKT ice maker.)
Upgrade your cooling experience with the IKT Bladeless Cooling Fan. Enjoy a safe and efficient cooling solution for your home, and say goodbye to the worries of exposed blades.