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IPL Laser Hair Removal Epilator Permanent Body Machine Face Leg

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999,999 Flashes Lifetime Use: Hair removal with 999,999 flashes is enough for you and your family to use for life. at home, you can get a hair removal effect like a beauty salon and save much cost and time.

  • 5 Energy Levels: Home epilators have 5 different energy levels to adapt to different skin sensitivities, if you use hair removal for the first time, it is recommended to use levels 1-2.

  • 2 Modes design: Light hair removal devices can meet your needs for different hair removal areas. The automatic mode can be used for larger areas of hair removal, such as arms, legs; the manual mode is mainly used for small areas of hair removal, such as underarms, face, bikini lines, mustache, chin, etc.

  • Gentle & Painless smooth Hair Removal: Portable Electrolysis epilator adopts 3cm² large area irradiation size enable the most effective permanent visible hair reduction for large body parts like the arm, back, bikini line, and legs. helps you to achieve smooth skin

  • Depilatory device important note: Most customers have obvious results after an average of 3 to 8 cycles. hair removal devices are ideal for light skin and dark hair, Do not use this product on Tattoo Skin.


  • Product net weight: 221g

  • Product size: 17.5*7.3cm

  • Working principle: IPL photon pulse technology

  • Spectrum: 530mm

  • Irradiation area: 3 square centimeters

  • Gear position: 5 gears

  • Voltage: 12V

  • Suitable range: lip hair, armpit hair, limb hair, forehead hairline, bikini and other hair that affects beauty

Preparation before use:

  • 1. Please remove the hair on the surface of the skin first, and do the pre-treatment of the skin, but before shaving, you must wet the hair (use soap or shower gel bubbles to wet the hair and shaving effect

  • Fruit is best), otherwise "dry scraping" will easily scratch the stratum corneum on the skin surface and cause allergies!

  • 2. Clean the skin, confirm that there is no obvious hair on the surface, it is completely dry, and there is no oily substance. Before using the photon hair removal device, it is strictly prohibited to apply condensation, aloe vera gel and other products. Otherwise it will cause no light.

Steps for usage:

  • 1. Before use, use a cotton swab or a dust-free cloth dipped in medical to clean the light exit and filter of the instrument (if it is not dirty, you can not clean it). Keep the light exit dry before use, otherwise it will affect the light output.

  • 2.Plug in the power plug, press and hold the switch button for 3 seconds, the power will display 500,300 times and the gear position, and the fan rotates the icon;

  • 3. The power switch key is also the gear button. Click the "Gear button" to select the appropriate gear, the display shows the energy gear, the first gear is the smallest, and the fifth gear is the largest. The gears can be adjusted cyclically;

  • 4. After the gear is adjusted, the light outlet of the device is completely close to the part of the skin that needs to be depilated. At this time, when the display is flashing, lightly press the light button to emit light;

  • 5. Press and hold the light emitting button for 3 seconds to enter or exit the automatic light emitting mode, and the 3 prismatic symbols on the screen will light up to indicate that the automatic light emitting mode is turned on; cycle step 5, and each skin part that needs to be depilated will flash--times, Move slowly, and repeat the lighting on the depilated area three times at a time, but not in the same place three times in a row. You need to remove the entire depilated area once, and then repeat twice. (Because three consecutive lighting of the same place will be hotter and easy to burn)

  • 6. After using the hair removal device, selectively apply aloe vera gel (or not apply). After using the equipment, press and hold the "power switch button" for 3 seconds to shut down, and cut off the power in time.

  • There may be small black spots attached to the filter of the lamp cap after use, so wipe it clean .


  • Before using it first or after sun exposure, please conduct a skin test for each treatment area and decide on the appropriate light intensity for a certain area.

  • The actual color may have a color difference with the real thing, please know.

  • Flashes Lifetime may be reduced because we sample and inspect before shipping.

Package Included:

  • 1PCS X IPL Hair Removal Device

  • 1PCS X Power Adapter

  • 1PCS X User Manual

  • 1PCS X Protective Goggles

  • 1PCS X Manual Shaver(Random Color)