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kaqinu Carbon Steel Wok Pan, 14 Piece Woks & Stir-Fry Pans Set

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  • [Wok Set & Cookwares] - KAQINU 14 piece wok pan set includes wok pan with lid, wok spatula, wok brush, wok ring, drain oil rack, chopstick, slotted spatula, spaghetti spoon, slotted spoon, rice spoon, soup ladle, carving fork and apron. Owning this all-in-one Chinese wok pan, make cooking easier, faster and more efficient, then your cooking life will be handier.
  • [Suitable Size & Versatile Dishes] - With perfect size: 12.6"W and 3.7"D, KAQINU stir frying wok can serve at least 3-5 people of food portions which is ideal for entire family use or a small friend-gathering. It is excellent for you to get ready to enjoy all sorts of Asian cooking tasks including stir-frying, searing meat, deep-frying, braising, and steaming. Besides, the flat-bottom carbon steel wok pan is suitable for all types of stoves: gas, electric, halogen stove & induction.

  • [Health, Durable & Fast Heat] - Made with high-quality black carbon steel, which develops ultra-durable and best-ever natural non-stick coating properties. Featured with non-chemical coating ensure a healthy diet. We adopt nitriding craftsmanship to avoid rusting so it more durable than the coated pan. The woks & stir-fry pans are light in weight and extremely fast in heating speed. The surface has a honeycomb design to reduce scratches and maintain the beauty of the wok.
  • [Some Well-designed Details] - The exquisite packing wok set is a perfect gift. The step design made the wooden lid to match the pot, the V-shape soup mouth design is easy to pour soup, the detachable handle is easy to save, also easy to use in the oven. The ergonomic detachable handle is engineered solid wood anti-scalding design, can resist high temperature cooking, safe and comfortable to use. The hanging ring on the handle is designed for hanging storage, easy to dry, saving kitchen space.

  • [Customer Service & Maintenance Tips] - For cooking lovers, We know how important to get a good wok pan. Therefore, we are willing to listen to every customer's comments and suggestions on our wok pan. Please refer to the user manual before use and cleaning in time and keep it dry after using iron wok to prevent the iron pan from rusting, It is best to coat with cooking oil after cleaning.

Daily Use & Maintenance:

  1. Dry or empty cooking of pots is forbidden, otherwise it will easily cause the pot to be scrapped.
  2. It is recommended to use warm water for cleaning or wash the pan with cold water after standing for a period of time.
  3. Do not wipe the inner surface of the pot with sharp materials. After each use of the pot, please wash it thoroughly and wipe off the water to keep the pot body clean and hygienic.
  4. Do not store food soup, soy sauce, vinegar, salt and other corrosive substances in the pot for a long time, otherwise it will easily cause corrosion and damage to the pot.
  5. After cleaning, wipe the water in the pan and apply vegetable oil for maintenance, which can effectively alleviate the problem of early sticking of the iron pan and prolong the service life of the iron pan.
  6. When the pot is not used for a long time, please keep the pot dry and clean, and store it in a ventilated place.
  7. When using the induction cooker, pay attention to the temperature changes in the pot, as the temperature is too high, which will easily cause the bottom of the pot to bulge.