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KINGROON KP3S 3D Printer High Precision Printing

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Product Description:

Easy Assembly: It takes less than 10 minutes to complete the assembly, which is simple and convenient, at the same time you canĀ also experience assembly fun.

The fixed block makes Z-axis become much more fixed.

The upgraded shaft coupler makes Z-axis rise more smoothly and it improves the printing effect a lot.

The Titan extruder makes its printing precision much higher.

Direct Drive Extruder: Exclusive design for flexible 3D printing filament--TPU.

High precision: Dual rigid metal guide rails + Double cooling fans.

Reduced sound level: High quality cooling fans + TMC2225 silent driverĀ 

Fast& easy to remove models: flexible magnetic sheet for easy first layer adhesion and use safely. No more adhesives to increaseĀ adhesion or scrapersĀ to remove objects.

Resume Print: KP3S has the ability to resume printing even after a power outage or lapse occurs.

2.4" LCD touch screen: support for 9 kinds of languages-German, English, Russian, Japanese, French, Italian, Spanish KoreanĀ and Chinese.

Fast Heating for hotbed: HeatedĀ reach 110 ā„ƒ in 8 minutes.

Technology Parameters:

Model Numberļ¼šKP3S

Build Size: 180*180*180mmĀ Ā 

Technology ļ¼šFDM

Nozzle Diameterļ¼š0.4mm/0.6mm/0.8mm

Print resolutionļ¼š0.05-0.3mm

Filament Diameterļ¼š1.75mm

Applicable Filament: PLA态WOOD态TPU态ABS态PETG

Nozzle Temperatureļ¼šā‰¤260Ā°C

Hotbed Temperatureļ¼šā‰¤110Ā°C

Movement Speedļ¼šā‰¤200mm/s

Print Speedļ¼šā‰¤100mm/sĀ  20mm-60mm/s highly recommended

Print Via:USB/TIF Card

Supported File Types: STL/Obj/Gcode

System Compatibilityļ¼šWin7-10/Mac/Linix


Screen Languageļ¼šCN/DE/EN/RU/JP/FR/IT

Machine Powerļ¼š240W

Input Voltageļ¼š110v-220v

Power Supplyļ¼š24V / 15A / 360W

Filament Motorļ¼šUpgradeable

Auto Levelingļ¼šUpgradeable 3D Touch

Resume printing after a power ļ¼šSupport

Machine Sizeļ¼š280*285*370mm

PLA Filament :

PLA filament is eco-friendly, low shrinkage, high strength, excellent toughness material. Printing product stable performance.

It compatible with all types of FDM 3d Printer, suitable for printing artworks andĀ crafts.

100% no bubble 3d printer material