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Natural Crystal Orgonite Pendant 7 Chakra Healing Talisman Women Men Necklace

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Product Description:

The shape, size, color and texture of each stone are slightly different. You will receive your own unique one that is similar as picture shown

Orgonite is a word that combines the words "organic" and "metal." It refers to an organic material mixed with an inorganic material. The organic material is usually quartz or resin. On the other hand, the inorganic material includes metal shavings. The main purpose of orgonite is to improve the quality of life physically, mentally, and spiritually. Throughout the years, the said tool has been used for many purposes.

Here are some of the known benefits of orgonite:
Protects against electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs)
Balances the energy field
Purifies the environment
Promotes good sleep
Encourages relaxation
Eases stress and anxiety
Relieves pain
Attract luck, love, and abundance
Improves spiritual awareness

Spiritual gift: friendship, relationships, business partner, couples gifting. These necklace can be shared between a couple, friends, family members, siblings, or anyone else that is special to you!

Feel the energy of your chakras as this beautiful piece helps restore them to balance.
1) Root Chakra: I am safe. I am one with Gaia.
2) Sacral Chakra: I am a beautiful being
3) Solar Plexus Chakra: I am free. I am strong.
4) Heart Chakra: I am love.
5) Throat Chakra: I am truth and integrity.
6) Third Eye Chakra: I am that I am.
7) Crown Chakra: We are all one. 


Materials: 7 types natural gemstone, resin, wax cord
Length:  18 in, adjustable

Package included:
1x necklace
1x storage cloth sack