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OMORC Baby Bottle Electric Steam Sterilizer Dryer Machine Warmer w/LCD Monitor

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Product Description:

Bullet Points:

5-in-1 Multifunction & Large CapacityThis bottle sterilizer can be served as sterilizer and dryer, sterilizer only, dryer only, milk warmer and food heater to meet multiple needs. It’s spacious enough to sterilize 6 common size feeding bottles and other baby accessories such as bowl, cup and spoon simultaneously.

Adequate Steam & Accurate Time SettingWith 550W(US)/600W(EU/UK) power, this steam sterilizer produces sufficient steam for a full and thorough disinfection. 99.9% of harmful germs and bacteria will be killed by the intense steam. Operating time of sterilizer can be set from 6 to 15 minutes as you want via simply pressing the corresponding button.

Safe to UseMade of BPA-free PP material, this bottle warmer can be used to warm milk and heat food without health concerns. When the device is run out of water during sterilization, it will automatically power off to avoid dry heating and ensure safety. Product safety is always OMORC priority.

【Separate Operation & Flexible Collocation】You can place the large basket, small basket and lid onto the base in order to make a full use. Due to its adjustable size, you can also separately disinfect infant accessories with its small basket or sterilize 4 oversize feeding bottles with its large basket when necessary.

[What You Get] 1* sterilizer base, 1* openable lid, 1*transparent small basket for infant accessories, 1* large basket for baby bottles, 1* 120ml measuring cup, 1* bottle clamp.

OMORC 5-in-1 steam sterilizer is designed to make sterilizing as simple as possible. The bottles and infant accessories which are thoroughly sanitized and dried in a sterile environment ensure you a healthy and easy feeding.

Unique Drying Function

Bottles with water droplets can easily harbor bacteria, which is not good for your baby’s health. This sterilizer with drying function can effectively avoid secondary pollution to achieve a complete and thorough disinfection.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

This steam sterilizer could easily be assembled and disassembled for convenient cleaning. Specially processed heating plates is able to reduce the possibility of scale attachment. What’s more, limescale can be effectively eliminated via using vinegar.

Easy Operation

You can select the preset working time by simply pressing the corresponding button.

Warm milk/ Heat food:

1-15minutes (default preset time 1min)


6-15minutes (default preset time 6min)


40, 60, 80 and 99 minutes (default preset time 40min)


1.Please add water into the water tank on the base according to the Sterilization Time Table.

2.Put baby bottles to the large basket while putting accessories, such as spoons and nipples to the small basket.

3.The water tank can only hold up to 150 ml water. More filling water needs longer sterilization time.

4.Before feeding your baby, it’s necessary to check the temperature of the milk or baby food.

5.When the device is used in drying mode, all containers should be placed with their openings downward.

6.When the milk/food reaches a proper temperature, power off the sterilizer and fetch the bottle.

7. You’d better remove limescale via using vinegar every four weeks to ensure a smooth operation.

8. Do not clean the surface of the heating plate with a hard and rough cleaning cloth.

9. If bottles still have water stains after drying, please prolong the drying time.

Specifications (US)

Rated Voltage: 120V

Frequency: 60Hz

Heating Power: 550W

Drying Power: 110W

Size: 284 × 216 × 340 mm /11.2 x 8.5 x 13.4in

Net Weight: 1.9 KG/ 4lbs

MAX Size for Bottle: 70 mm × 180 mm/ 2.7 x 7in

Package Content:

1* Steam Sterilizer (Base+ Large Basket + Small Basket+ Lid)

1* 120ml Measuring Cup

1* Bottle Clamp

1* User Manual