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OSITO 2 Channel TENS Unit Massager Pulse Muscle Stimulator Pain Therapy 25Models

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  • Muscle Relaxer: This pain relief device help to relieve the pain caused by nerve pain and cramps, increase blood circulation, relax stiffness muscles, reduce swelling, and body fatigue. All you need to do is place the electrode pads on the areas of your body where you are experiencing pain and start at a low intensity, then gradually build up the intensity to get the muscles contracting.
  • 25 modes and 50 intensities: There are 25 kinds of massage modes and 50 kinds of electromagnetic wave intensity with the continuous adjustment until you are comfortable. Different impulse massage mode will improve the different symptoms for your body (5-60 minutes automatically time set)
  • Support 2 People Using: This muscle stimulator built with the mode in different intensities for channels A and B. For example, you could choose Acupuncture mode in channel A with an intensity level of 13 for your shoulder, while in channel B, another person runs with the intensity level of 8 on the lower back as a back electric stimulator.
  • Portable and Rechargeable: Built with rechargeable Lithium Battery and colorful HD screen to use by middle-elderly easily, the pocket-size helping you muscle relax anytime anywhere with non-drug
  • Reliable: OSITO Tens Unit provides you an ideal device of pain relief via activating endorphins and stimulating the muscle. It's getting off from the possible side-effects that come with using drugs for pain relief. And 1 year warranty with specialized customer-service reply within 12 hours will be provided.

TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) units are portable devices that use electrical currents to stimulate nerves and provide pain relief. Here are three key benefits of using a TENS unit massager pulse:

  1. Pain Relief: One of the primary benefits of a TENS unit massager pulse is its ability to provide pain relief. The electrical pulses generated by the device can help block pain signals from reaching the brain. This can be particularly beneficial for individuals experiencing acute or chronic pain conditions such as arthritis, back pain, muscle tension, joint pain, or sports injuries. The TENS unit helps to temporarily alleviate pain and promote a sense of relief and comfort.

  2. Non-Invasive and Drug-Free: TENS unit massager pulses offer a non-invasive and drug-free approach to pain management. Unlike medications that may have side effects or invasive treatments such as injections or surgeries, TENS units provide a safe and non-invasive option. They can be used at home or on-the-go, allowing individuals to manage their pain without relying solely on pharmaceutical interventions. TENS units are generally considered safe to use, although it's advisable to consult with a healthcare professional if you have any specific medical conditions.

  3. Versatile and Targeted Pain Relief: TENS units offer versatility and the ability to target specific areas of pain. The device typically consists of electrode pads that are placed directly on the skin near the site of pain. The electrical pulses generated by the TENS unit can be adjusted in terms of intensity, frequency, and duration to suit individual preferences and specific pain conditions. This targeted approach allows individuals to focus on particular areas of discomfort, such as the lower back, neck, shoulders, or joints.

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OSITO 2 Channel TENS Unit Massager Pulse