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Professional Wax Warmer Heater Hair Removal Depilatory Home Waxing Kit Beans

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Product Description:

Wax melting machine:

Fast heating: melt 100 grams of wax, it only takes 10-15 minutes to melt.

Automatic temperature control design: automatic shutdown when overheating, automatic startup when cooling, so that the wax can be used at a constant temperature.


1. Clean the skin area that needs hair removal.

2. After the wax beans are completely melted, turn the knob to the middle scale to keep warm.

3. Apply a layer of wax to the skin along the direction of hair growth.

4. Wait 5 seconds, then peel off the wax from the opposite direction.

5. Use cleansing oil or baby oil to clean the residual wax on the skin.

6. Wipe off the residue in the pot with a paper towel.

Waxing and shaving:

Shaving cuts the hair directly below the surface of the skin, and it will sting after a few days of shaving.

Waxing can make the hair fall off the roots, making the hair smoother and longer lasting. At the same time, the hair will become weaker, thinner and softer after waxing.


AC voltage: 110v-127v

Aluminum container: 12.5*6.5

Power: 100W

Capacity: 500ml

Frequency: 50/60Hz

Package weight: 524 grams

Packing size: 19*15*18.5cm

Adjustable temperature: 203°f


In order not to damage the skin, please test before use.

Do not use water or alcohol to clean the residual wax on the skin after hair removal.

Do not rinse or expose after hair removal.

Do not use on inflamed or injured skin.

Package Included:

Machine+300g Beans + 20 Sticks:

500ml wax melting machine 

300 wax  beans 

20 sticks