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Serenelife Portable Digital MIG Welding Machine - MIG Inverter Welder 110V/220V

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Product Description:

Easy to Use and Convenient to Carry
Powerful and Rugged MIG Welding Machine up to 130 Amp Output
Nice Machine Appearance and Screen Printing
Anti-corrosion & Water Resistant Metal Machine Case
Easy to Read the Numbers of Scale
Test Data Supports Stable Performance and Output Voltage
Protects Components and Transformer from Corrosion and Damage
Adjustable Welding Speed up to 6.7m per Minute
Supports Dual Voltage 110V/220V, Wire Feeder 24V
Accepts 0.6-0.8mm Flux-Cored Wire
0.7KVA/1.8KVA Maximum and Minimum Power
2mm of Maximum Thickness of Metal
Allows to Weld Steel up to 0.08 inch Plate Steel
Automatically Adjust the Inverter Pulse Width through Closed-Loop Control to Ensure the Output Stability
60% Rated Duty Cycle, Basically can Meet the Durable Welding
Welding can be done by Connecting the Carbon Dioxide Gas
Suitable for Indoor Work

What's in the Box:
Welding Machine
Welding Gun
Ground Wire Clip (1.6meters)
Protective Mask
2.5m² 1.8m Big USA Plug
Power Adapter

Technical Specs:
Construction Material: Metal
Power Supply: 110V/220V (13A Power Adapter)
Maximum Input Current: 110V/43.1A, 220V/21.5A
Frequency Response: 50/60Hz
Rated Input Power: 8.1KVA
Current & Voltage Adjustment Range (MIG, A/V) : (50A/16.5V-130A/20.5V)
25℃60% Utilization Factor Output (MIG, A/V): (130A/20.5V)
40℃100% Utilization Factor Output (MIG, A/V) :(100A/19V)
No-load Voltage: 42V
Usable Wire: 0.2''-0.3'' -inch
Wire Feed Rate: 3-15m/min
Power Factor: 0.73
Efficiency: 85%
Shell Protective Grade: IP21S
Insulation Grade: F
Welding Output: 60-125A,AC
Capacity: 18 gauge (0.039") to 3/16" (0.24") mild steel only
Duty Cycle: 20% @ 90 A
Open Circuit Voltage: 30V

Welder Tips / Wire Size Installed tip will accept 0.031" Flux-Core wire
Wire Spool Capacity: 2.2 lbs. Spool
Recommended Circuit Breaker: 30A time-delay (slow-blow) breaker (30A for maximum performance)
Extension Cord Recommendations: 3 conductor #12A or larger up to 5.91 ft.
Generator Requirements: Minimum 4,000W continuous output with no low-idle function (or low-idle off)
Product Dimension (L x W x H): 15.7'' x 6.7'' x 11.8'' -inches
Sold as: 1
Weight: 21.06 lbs.