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Snorkeling Gear 180° Panoramic HD Mask Dry Top Snorkel Diving Fins with Bag

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Product Description:

  • ✅MASK FIN SNORKEL SET: Snorkeling gear for adults includes tempered glass snorkel mask with 180º panoramic view, long and advanced dry top snorkel with silicone mouthpiece, adjustable swim fins and mesh gear bag for carrying swimming equipment. 3 in 1 package to meet all your needs for swimming, snorkeling, diving, and other water sport activities.
  • ✅SNORKEL MASK WITH PANORAMIC VIEW: Our snorkel mask comes with a 180º clear panoramic view which is scratch proof and waterproof. Designed with tempered glass that is anti leak and with anti fog treatment reducing fogging. The head strap and skirt of the tempered glass mask is soft and flexible. Produced with food-grade silicone material with easily adjustable silicone straps and a swivel buckle. This mask is a great secure fit and very comfortable to wear.
  • ✅DRY TOP SNORKEL: It comes with high-quality snorkel with a Dry-Top System which means that there is a special part on the top of the tube that restricts water from entering the snorkel when submerged in water and includes a one way purge valve to allow air out. The snorkel is made with food grade silicone and PVC and is quickly adjustable which provides easy breathing. Silicone mouthpiece is flexible and safely seals and fits perfectly to your mouth without any discomfort.
  • ✅ADJUSTABLE DIVING FINS: Lightweight, flexible and made with long-lasting TPR material, rubber. The swim fins provide easy kick, effortless speed and propulsion. Fins are open heeled with adjustable straps and the soft pocket for use with bare feet or with diving socks. Fins comes in two sizes of S/M or L/XL. Its quick-release buckle method makes it easy to put fins on or off.
  • ✅ALL IN ONE MESH GEAR BAG: The snorkeling set includes a quick-dry mesh bag for your swimming gear. 3 in 1 gear bag is re-usable and machine washable. The bag has a pull string to close the bag and with a shoulder strap for carrying. You can store or pack and carry your swimming accessories. It's the ultimate travel companion which make it perfect for travel when snorkeling, swimming, scuba diving, boating, vacations and much more.

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AQUOZOSE Snorkeling Set with Fins for Adults!!!

Our Snorkeling Mask comes with 180º Panoramic View which is Scratchproof and Waterproof. Designed with Tempered Glass Lenses that is Anti Fog treatable and Anti Leak. The Head Strap and Skirt of the Snorkel Mask are soft and flexible designed with food-grade Silicone material. With Adjustable Silicone Straps, this Snorkeling mask is very comfortable to wear. It also comes with High-Quality Snorkel with Dry-Top System which means that there is a special part on the top of the tube that doesn't let water into the tube when in/out of water. The Snorkel Tube is quickly adjustable which provides comfort and easy breathing. Silicone Mouthpiece safely seals and fits perfectly to your mouth without discomfort.

Made with Long-Lasting Rubber, the snorkeling fins are lightweight and effortless yet at the same time quite powerful. They increase leg strength and help swim at faster speeds. It comes with the flexible show sizes of 4.5 to 8.5 US

Its Quick-release Buckle method makes it easy to pull on and off.

The snorkeling kit includes a quick-dry mesh bag for the gear so that you can pack and carry out your snorkeling or scuba diving accessories. 3 in 1 essential items package that is re-usable, machine washable, and pull string swim bag with the shoulder strap. Scuba Gear is the ultimate travel companion and is suitable for snorkeling, swimming, scuba diving, body surfing, boogie boards, and much more.


✅ 180º Panoramic View Dive Mask
✅ Dry Top Snorkel
✅ Adjustable Fins for Swimming Adult
✅ Mesh Swim Bag for Travel or Storage
✅ Comfortable Swim Mask Design
✅ Food Grade Silicone Snorkel Tube and Mouthpiece


1 x Snorkel Mask
1 x Dry Top Snorkel
1 x Adjustable Diving Flippers
1 x Travel Gear Bag