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Telescope 750360 with Tripod Mobile Holder for Beginner Moon Watching

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1. Freely adjust the stargazing angle 360 ​​degrees horizontal rotation 90 degrees longitudinal rotation
2. High-definition eyepieces are naturally beautiful in the real world, and I will double the beauty
3. The positioning of the star-finding guide, accurate and self-contained compass, to find the position of the star effectively and quickly
4. Aluminum alloy tripod
5. Terms of use:
1. After the legs are opened, install the telescopic tube on the yoke and adjust it with a large fastening screw.
2. Insert the Zeni lens into the focusing tube and fix it with appropriate screws.
3. Put the eyepiece into the mirror surface and fix it with appropriate screws.
4. If you want to use a 1.5x refractor to magnify, just put it between the eyepiece and the lens barrel (no need to install a 90 degree Zeni lens), so you can observe the celestial body.

Effective aperture: 2 (50m)
Tripod: Aluminum alloy adjustment bracket
Focal length: 14” (360mm)
Total height: 54cm
Zoom ratio 1:7.2
Eyepiece: H6mm H20mm
Emissivity: 51X
Extender: 2x Barov lens
Resolution: 3.32arasc
Finder 5x
Eyepiece diameter: 1.25” (31.7m)
Total weight: 725g
Magnification: H6mm60+2×Barov 120/H20mm18X2Barov 36X

Package includes:
Lens tube×1/Extender lens×1/Star finder×1/Eyepiece×/Tripod×1