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Ultrasonic Cryotherapy Hot Cold Hammer Facial Skin Rejuvenation Beauty Machine

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  • Physical treatment and ultrasonic vibration, no side effect, safe and assured to use.  
  • Using hot and cold alternately, can activate cells thoroughly, improve overall skin texture, skin tightening, facial lifting, pore shrinking, and eliminating eye bags and dark circles.  
  • Working time and temperature can be displayed on the screen separately according to the modes you choose.  
  • Easy to operate and convenient for daily skin care.  
  • Slight vibration massage offers a comfortable feeling when moving slowly on the face under the hot mode.  
  • Ventilation design helps the heat distribution and avoid burning.  


1.Cold Treatment(5-25°C/ 41℉-77℉ ): 
① Shrink blood vessel pores, improve coarse pores; 
② Reinforce collagenous fiber, make your skin became elastic, fade wrinkles. 
③ Effectively reduce varicose veins, hazardous wastes are more likely to be purged, can help to fade and eliminate dark spots 
④ To reduce nerve sensitivity, reduce the redness and swelling pain of the skin, especially for the sensitive skin. 

2.Hot Treatment(30-55°C/ 86℉-131℉ ): 
① Relax muscle, relieve pain and soreness; 
② Promote blood circulation and helps to better absorb skin care products; 

③ Improve skin metabolism ,discharge waste toxins, help to fade eye pouch and dark circle. 


  • Clean skin before using the instrument, and then use appropriate nutrient cream to achieve better results 
  • It is forbidden to switch the instrument frequently to avoid damage to the device caused by current impact 
  • The instrument switch should be turned off after use, and the power plug should be pulled out to prohibit the instrument from being energized for a long tine 
  • Place it in a place that children cannot touch 
  • Please read the instructions before use.