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VEVOR 2.5 C Depository Safe Deposit Safe with Drop Slot Passwords and Keys

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  • 2.5C Safe with Drop Slot: With a spacious 2.5C capacity and external dimensions of 20" (L) x 13" (W) x 13" (H), this depository safe is ideal for storing your essential documents, jewelry, coins, photos, and other valuable items. The front-facing drop slot simplifies cash and document deposits without the need to open the door.
  • Robust All-steel Construction: Crafted from a solid 10 mm integrated steel plate, our deposit safe with drop slot offers enhanced security and reliability. It features three 28 mm solid bolts, effectively preventing theft, break-ins, and other criminal activities. Provide superior protection for your home and business!

  • Dual Unlocking Methods: The touch button electronic lock offers multiple security features. The 3-12 digit password length makes it more challenging to crack. Plus, a personal and a management password can be set to protect your belongings and privacy. There are two access ways: emergency key + knob unlocking for the first-time password is forgotten or in case of battery failure, password + knob unlocking for daily use.
  • Intelligent 30s Auto-Alarm: Our drop slot safe is equipped with a smart 30s auto-alarm function. If someone attempts to illegitimately crack your password and enters three consecutive incorrect attempts, the system will trigger a 30-second alarm. This timely alert allows you to take action effectively, preventing password leakage and brute force attacks.
  • Convenient & Easy Installation: Installing our drop safe is not only highly secure but also straightforward. Pre-drilled holes and bolts make it easy to mount the safe on walls, floors, or shelves. The two pre-drilled installation holes on the safe align with the door, simplifying the installation process. Completed in just a few minutes!

Our deposit safe with drop slot features an intelligent 30-second auto-alarm function. If an unauthorized user attempts to crack your password, entering three consecutive incorrect passwords triggers an automatic 30-second alarm. This quick response allows you to take immediate action.
Constructed from a single piece of sturdy 10 mm thick steel, this depository safe is built for reliability and security. With three 28 mm solid bolts, it effectively deters theft, home invasions, and unauthorized access, providing superior protection for your home or business.