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White Waxing Kit LED Heater Wax Warmer Pot Hair Removal Wax Beans Sticks Machine

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Product Description:

This Wax Warmer is made of premium tough plastic and well processed to be resistant to scratch and drop.
Two temperature formts available for your convenience.
It will record the last temperature of melting wax beans and sets the certain temperature when the next time you use it.
Compatible with almost all types of waxes such as hard waxing, strip waxing, paraffin waxing.
Perfect skin care hair removal wax heater for personal, home and salon use.

Hard beans:
The depilatory wax special for hair removal on all body parts.
Suit for all types of skins.
Excellent for strong & fine hairs.
Contains moisturising cocoa butter, excellent for dry skin.
Large fixed roller head is ideal for leg waxing.
Provides a thin, economic and hygienic application.

Smart wax heater:
The wax heater is designed for professional users,and it can melt solid wax and canned wax.
Large size, intelligent temperature control (when temperature up to 70℃, it becomes constant), heat
Smart panel, easy to operate
Increase or decrease in temperature (you can set waxing temperature according to your skin)
A key fixed temperature (Fits for solid wax & canned wax).
Different countries can choose according to their preferences: Fahrenheit or Celsius.
With switch
With handle
Suitable for hard, strip and paraffin waxing.
WIndicator light, adjustable temperature, 360°heating coil for a fast wax meltdown.
Comes with a lid 3 air vents, break-resistant and solid.
Can see through cover to prevent wax contamination.
Durable and safe to use.

Wax Heater Pot:

Material: ABS + Aluminum
Maximum temperature :120℃/248℉
Plug Type: US Plug
AC input:100-240v. 50/60hz
Power: 100W
Working Time: 10-15 minutes
Electronic control panel
Non-stick coating and the device of scrape wax
Temperature sensor contact with the inner pot directly

Hard Wax Bean Set:
Type: Lavender、Aloe、Chamomile、Strawberry
 (Note:The set is with 4 bags hard wax beans and 20pcs Wax Applicator Stick)
Weight: 100g/bag
- Depilatory wax machine of small size, applicable for all types of hair waxes.
- Adjustable temperature heating with maximum 120℃, quick to melt the waxes.
- Comes with a lid which is break-resistant and solid.
- Constructed from high quality material, it can be used for a long time.

Operating Instructions (Smart wax heater):
1.Connect to AC power cord.
2.Touch  to start the machine.
3.Touch or continuous press the key of temperature increase/temperature reduction to set the temperature what your need,or direct touch the key of solid wax(85℃/185℉)/canned wax(75℃/167℉) to set the temperature.
4.Wax heater will automatically melt after setting temperature when melting temperature heat up to setted temperature ,wax heater enter to heat preservation.
5.According to using habit,you can continuous press the ℃/℉ switch button to set the temperature what you used last time.

Cautions(For Smart wax heater):
1.Keep dry around the machine,not to be placed the machine in water or pour water into the machine.
2.Don’t use machine or power cord when damaged.
3.Can’t be used when the machine screen appears E1/E2/E3/E4
4.Keep away from children
5.It’s normal to have a smell when you use the machine for the first time
6.Can’t use to boiling the water

Warm tips:
*When applying this wax leave the edges slightly thicker for an easy removal.

*Before the wax is removed, tap it a couple of times to check it has set and is ready to be removed.

*The heat from the wax helps open up the hair follicle, making the removal procedure less painful. The wax is left on the skin until it hardens, which as it starts to cool down contracts and grips the hair.

*Due to this strong gripping action, the hair is pulled out directly from the root, and as the wax only adheres to the hair (rather than the skin), hot waxing is actually much kinder to the skin!

*Care Instructions Store in a cool, dry place.
Package Included:
1xSmart Wax Heater Pot
1xHard Wax Beans Set(4 bags 100g hard wax beans)
1x20pcs Wax Applicator Sticks